Finding the right place for your Canadian adventure.


Residential Accomodation

Holmes Institute Canada works with Casita to provide high-quality residences for students.  To find the best selection of student accommodation near HIC, Casita can help you choose from student housing across a wide selection of rooms, amenities and rates.  Visit the Casita webpage for more information.  Please note that bookings and payments are made directly through Casita, and Holmes Institute Canada bears no responsibility for bookings made through the Casita system.  Prices for residences are available on the Casita website.

Homestay Accomodation

Many students choose homestays to further increase their exposure to the Canadian culture. Living in a homestay also provides you with the comforts and warmth of living in a kind and supportive family.

‍Accommodation Highlights:

  • Live and learn Canadian culture with a family.
  • Great for short or long term stays.
  • All meals provided by host family.
  • 15 to 60 minutes from campus.
  • Homestays inspected and monitored.
  • Variety of needs and requests can be met.

All OHC Toronto Homestays are inspected and continuously monitored by our Accommodation Coordinator to ensure your comfort in the Homestay.  The number of Homestays which can offer double rooms and/or private bathrooms is limited. These rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Double occupancy means two people that book together sharing the same room and bed. Prices range from $255 to $400 per week.  Please note that payment for Homestay is required in full prior to an accommodation confirmation being sent to you.

More Information

For more accommodation options and further information, please contact