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With our 1 year Diploma in Hospitality Operations Co-Op program, you can gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills through real world experience, to successfully earn and learn in Canada!

OHC English Prep- Program

If you do not meet the English requirement or do not feel confident in your English language skills, then we have OHC English to support you!

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Concerned about applying for your Canadian visa? Check out our guide for more information and support!

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30 +
Years of experience.
Successful graduates.
Different center locations.
Nationalities enrolled at one time.

A Historic Mansion For Your Canadian Adventures

The institute is located in a beautifully restored Victorian Mansion (once the home of Ontario’s Governor) located in downtown Toronto. The mansion will act as your starting point and your home base for all your adventures in Canada.

We believe that learning is not limited to just the classroom: immersing yourself in the diverse city of Toronto where you work, play, explore and live, will enable you to learn experientially and grow holistically.

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