Diploma in Hospitality Operations Co-op

This innovative and cutting-edge Co-Op program provides you with the knowledge, experience, skills and competencies required for a successful career in the booming sector of hospitality & tourism in Canada.

Course Overview

Earn & Learn

The Diploma in Hospitality Operations is a practical, one-year program comprising 6 months formal study with 6 months paid co-op. We will organize 20 hours/week of guaranteed paid work experience during Co-Op. Students can pursue unlimited work outside of classroom and co-op as well to earn and learn at the same time.

Practical, Work-Related Courses

We teach 8 core modules that span the course of hospitality and business in general in a way where students can incorporate their classroom learning into real life. The co-op portion of the program will ensure that students get an opportunity to apply theory into practice!

Enter a Booming Industry for a Successful Career

Hospitality/Tourism is booming in Canada and there’s high demand for workers. Upon successfully completing their class work, students can practice their skills in our co-op and beyond and accelerate their career by working for hotels, resorts, restaurants, airlines, convention/wellness centers, and tourism related businesses/agencies.

Stepping Stone into Bachelor's & Industry

During the course of the program we will support the student with their further education by connecting them with the best education consultants who will assist them to apply to bachelor’s degree programs. This will give students the opportunity to obtain a PGWP that will help them continue to work in Canada post their bachelors program.

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Structure & Content

Duration: 24 weeks, 480 hours
Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours/week during their full-time study period during first 6 months.

Classes run from Monday to Friday from 9am-3pm.
Students can commence the Co-Op programme once they have successfully completed and passed the 8 core classroom modules.

  • The college will organise paid job placement for students free of charge
  • Students will practise and demonstrate their hospitality operations skills from their classes in real life  workplace settings.
  • Students will meet real-life clients in the field.
  • Students will develop new contacts and networks.
  • Students will take on and develop multiple roles in the industry.
  • Students will develop self-confidence, excellent communication skills and their own style in the field.
  • Students will be assigned a supervisor to assess and sign-off on core competencies.

8 Core Modules

There are eight core modules to complete.

Careers in Hospitality Operations

Introduction to the various sectors, products and careers available in the hospitality industry and related workplace legislation.

Food and Beverage Studies

Understanding, evaluating and providing advice and information on menu selection, cuisine and F&B services.

Management and Leadership

Optimising operational workflows, planning wages and budgets, leading and working in teams for a fast-changing environment.

Front Office Operations

Introduction to front operations including front desk, check in/out, customer service, guest security information and managing software.

Customer Service

Identifying and meeting customers' needs, conflict resolution, building authentic relationships, professional communication skills.

Accounting and Finance

Introduction to accounting, processing and reconciling payments, maintaining, interpreting and reporting financial information.

Human Resources

Understanding and managing functions of human resources within the hospitality sector.


Develop and analyse market positioning, media strategies, business environments and marketing campaigns for hospitality products.

Programme Details

Students can expect to learn hospitality business skills and acumen to work in a wide range of areas within this multifaceted industry. Those areas include front desk management, housekeeping operations, food and beverage management and human resources planning. Students can expect to learn about all aspects of works and this industry through small classroom lessons and discussions, through field trips to reputed hotels, through speaker events and finally through practical paid work experience during the co-op. Overall students can expect to have an extremely hand-on experience that will catalyse student’s learning and help them become successful professionals in the industry.

  • 1.0 Compare and contrast the various hospitality sectors and their interdependence on one another
  • 2.0 Demonstrate using appropriate front office computer software applications in the hospitality environment
  • 3.0 Demonstrate basic accounting and math skills required for operating within the various sectors of the hospitality environment
  • 4.0 Compare and contrast the various services within the hospitality industry
  • 5.0 Demonstrate employing the strategies that contribute to a high customer satisfaction within a hospitality environment
  • 6.0 Employ resources and strategies to promote growth in professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes
  • 7.0 Demonstrate performing effectively as a team member within the hospitality environment
  • 8.0 Demonstrate conducting food services including research on trends, developing menus and giving food and wine advice
  • 9.0 Demonstrate the accounting skills required for managing and interpreting general ledger transactions and reports in the hospitality industry
  • 10.0 Demonstrate your ability to lead and manage people including the rostering of staff and the monitoring of department or business operation
  • 11.0 Demonstrate the skills required to develop a marketing and media strategy for the hospitality industry
  • 12.0 Demonstrate the skills for recruiting staff, and performance monitoring and mentoring of staff in the workplace
  • 13.0 Demonstrate the required skills to maintain the front desk of a hotel or resort
  • 14.0 Demonstrate the skills required to manage team meetings including presentations and suggestions for change

Minimum Entry Requirements

Holmes Institute Canada generally requires the completion of secondary school or an equivalent qualification. Mature candidates are welcome to apply. The minimum English language requirement is IELTS 4.5 or equivalent.

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars

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