Diploma in Business Management

This hands on business course brings together the theory and practical components to modern business education. Students are left with the soft and hard skills that are required for success in business and industry in Canada.

Course Overview

Earn & Learn

The Diploma of Business management Co-Op is a two-year course that offers student the opportunity to work full time in the 2nd year. We organize 20 hours/week of guaranteed paid work experience during the Co-Op. This totals a minimum of 1000 hours of paid work experience. Earn and Learn is an opportunity for students to get even more value through learning outside the classroom, and subsidising their living expenses in Canada.

Practical, Work-Related Courses

We teach a total of 17 modules over the space of 48 weeks. Each module covers the essential building blocks for a successful business administrator and entrepreneur. Not only do you just assess case studies from theoretical material, but you get to put this knowledge into practice and gain industry specific work experiences. Putting you on the path to success.

Flexible Learning

Holmes Institute Canada seeks to create an environment where student can thrive. In our business program we are offering flexible learning opportunities with our hybrid in-person and online learning model.

Career Growth

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With our practical modules and the right amount of work can focus, you can see results almost immediately.
For example, in our Business Management Co-Op preparation, you will sharpen your resume, interview skills, and ultimately become a more productive and professional team member.

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Programme Details

Students can expect to learn business skills and acumen to work in a wide range of areas within this multifaceted industry. Those areas include marketing, sales, and financial analytics. Students can expect to learn about all aspects of works and this industry through small classroom lessons and discussions, through field trips to local businesses, through speaker events and finally through practical paid work experience during the co-op. Overall students can expect to have an extremely hand-on experience that will catalyse student’s learning and help them become successful professionals in the industry.

On graduation, students will be able to:

  • Operational Leadership: Gain mastery in overseeing all facets of business operations, including strategic planning, organizing, and evaluation.
  • Expert Advisory Role: Provide expert guidance across key administrative functions such as records management, security, finance, and human resources.
  • Compliance and Governance: Ensure strict adherence to all relevant corporate governance and regulatory compliance standards.
  • Budget Management: Precisely manage and allocate budgets for contracts, equipment, and supplies.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Craft detailed management reports and briefs that reflect excellence in administrative services.
  • Recruitment and Training: Effectively manage the recruitment, hiring, and training processes to build a competent workforce.
  • Clerical Oversight: Oversee all clerical operations including document processing, record-keeping, and data management.
  • Workflow Optimization: Establish work schedules and procedures that foster seamless collaboration across departments.
  • Problem Solving: Address and resolve operational challenges swiftly, providing insightful updates on progress.
  • Training and Development: Deliver comprehensive training on job duties, safety protocols, and organizational policies.
  • Efficient Procurement: Facilitate efficient procurement of necessary supplies and materials.
  • Equipment Upkeep: Ensure the maintenance and optimal functionality of office machinery and equipment.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Holmes Institute Canada generally requires the completion of secondary school or an equivalent qualification. Mature candidates are welcome to apply. The minimum English language requirement is IELTS 5.0 - 5.5 or equivalent.

Structure & Content

Duration:  2 years - Year 1 Classwork + Year 2 Co-Op Work Experience.
Students are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours/week during their first year.  
Students are allowed to work full time up to 40 hours/week during their co-op component in the second year

This study time with be in hybrid format, where 60% of the hours will be completed face to face at the college, and 40% will be completed remotely to allow students more flexibility with different learning styles.

  • The college will organise paid job placement for students free of charge.
  • Students will practice and demonstrate their business management skills and knowledge from their classes in real life workplace settings.
  • Students will meet real-life clients in the field.
  • Students will develop new contacts and networks.
  • Students will take on multiple roles in business environments.
  • Students will develop self-confidence, excellent communication skills and their own style in the field.
  • Students will be assigned a supervisor to assess and sign-off on core competencies.

17 Core Modules

There are seventeen core modules to complete.

Business and Ethics Fundamentals

Students focus on ethics, corporate responsibility, and how corporate integrity plays a fundamental role in business sustainability and social stability

Business Computer Applications

This course offers practical training in Microsoft Office 2019, covering Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint to support business tasks.


Students will study how the economy behaves and performs, including economic growth, business cycles, interest rates, and inflation, along with the actions of government, households, and businesses.

Business Communication Writing Skills

Students will learn how to communicate effectively in business contexts, both in written and spoken English. They will improve their research and report writing skills and their essential job seeking skills: resume building and interview preparation

Business Law Principles

Students will study the basics of Canadian business law, covering legal systems, torts, contracts, employment, property, and business structures.

Marketing Fundamentals

Students will study market behaviour, strategic planning, the marketing mix, and marketing trends.

Financial Accounting Principles

Students will cover accounting fundamentals, transaction analysis, financial statement preparation, merchandising, inventory valuation, and managing cash and receivables.

Business Mathematics in Canada

The course includes basic math and algebra, merchandising math, linear equations, various interest calculations, loan amortization, and investment decision-making.

Foundations of Financial Management

Students will study financial management, including its goals, financial analysis, working capital management, capital budgeting, long-term financing, and broader corporate finance perspectives.

Business Management Foundations

Students will study business management fundamentals, emphasizing strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership, incorporating essential principles across the course.

Human Resource Administration

The course addresses strategic human resource management, including planning, recruitment, development, evaluation, motivation, performance maintenance, and global HR issues.


Students will study entrepreneurship and small business roles in Canada, covering opportunity evaluation, business planning, acquisitions, financing, and marketing management.

Interpersonal Communications

Students will cover the basics of interpersonal communication and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and cross-cultural communication. They will practice and develop their communication skills in written, verbal and nonverbal business contexts.

Operations Management

Students will study operations and supply chain management principles in Canada, focusing on demand forecasting, system design, quality management, and supply chain logistics.

Customer Service

Students will learn about the customer service profession, including service culture, communication skills, handling customer behaviors, service recovery, diversity, technology use, and fostering customer loyalty.

Global Business Today

Students will study globalization, international trade, investment, the global financial system, and market competition, linking theory with practical international business insights.

Project Management Essentials

Students will study project management, including strategy, project selection, definition, cost estimation, planning, risk management, and resource scheduling.

Business Management Co-op Preparation

 students will review the Business Management Co-op Field Placement Orientation and Skills Passbook. Students will also learn to write a cover letter, resume along with tips, tools, and resources to be successful in their Co-op Field Placement.

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