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Means of Delivery

Lectures, tutorials and workshops are the principal means by which course material is delivered. Most classes are conducted in an interactive fashion. Students are expected to ask questions and actively contribute to class discussions. A student needs to be an active member of the class rather than a passive member.

It is Holmes policy to monitor and record course progress of each student for the module in which they are currently enrolled. Holmes will monitor progress and assist students to meet their study goals throughout their course.

At 3-weekly intervals each student's progress will be monitored. Attendance, participation and contribution are vital and necessary parts of your study at Holmes.


Holmes is proud of its history as an educator and its reputation as a leading trainer. Employers are confident a Holmes student possesses the confidence, training and skills required. Holmes graduates have always been in high demand in all industry sectors.

Once Diploma of Hospitality Operation students have completed and passed the 8 core modules of class work, Holmes will organise paid work experience in hospitality operations-related positions. On graduation students will be eligible to seek jobs in a wide range of relevant fields, including Hotels, Catering, Event Management, Food and Beverage, and Cruise Companies,

Please contact the Admissions staff at the campus near you or complete an application form and email it to [email protected]